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Web solution

Web solution We offer expertise and proven experience in a wide range of software, website and mobile application development. Offering innovation as well as excellent return on investment, optimal solution development services includes a website and E- commerce which frequently serves as your business or organization’s front entrance through which many customers will pass.
We guarantee our clients a professional on-line presence that will generally enhance our clients organization’s image and branding, as well as move prospects through the sales process.

Mobile Application Development

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In general, There are 3 different methodology approaches to developing an app. These are:

Native Apps
We write Apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry as well as tablets. Our native apps development are specific to the device’s operating system and ensure that they make full use of the device native features. Apps can be downloaded from the specific App Store.

Cross-platform Apps
We can also develop cross-platform Apps. The benefit of the Cross-Platform approach is that it costs about the same to develop apps that run on all operating systems (mainly the iOS and Android) rather than just on one.
Talk to us to know if this approach suits your needs.

Mobile Web Apps
If you are on a limited budget, Mobile Web Apps might be your answer.
Mobile Web Apps are Internet-enabled apps that have specific functionality for mobile devices. They’re accessed through the mobile device’s web browser (i.e. on the iPhone, this is Safari by default) and they don’t need to be downloaded and installed on the device. This approach might be good for certain applications and functions.

Responsive Web Design and Development

Responsive Design

Viewable on Smart-Phones and Mobile Devices,Our team comprises experienced consultants and project developers. We are uniquely prepared to deploy Application Development processes creating highly responsive and attractive websites and web applications.
In addition to creative web designs, our team has extensive experience in developing state-of-the art and functional web applications. We have successfully developed functional solutions that conform to the highest standards. Our Application Development expertise encompasses the full software development life-cycle comprising a thorough understanding of front-end design, database-design and application deployment.
We provide all aspects of web development necessary to establish a company’s presence on the web.

This includes:

  • Responsive Design and development of corporate web sites.
  • Web applications development.
  • Database, e-commerce and e-business solutions.
  • Web portals for usage on Intranets/ Extranets.
  • Web hosting and site maintenance.

Our responsive development methodology ensures that developed sites display the same on smart-phones and mobile devices as well as laptops and computers with optimal viewing experience.

Social Media & Online Marketing

We Make You Visible,Our Digital Marketing Strategy includes the following services

Customized Social Media Marketing
We will build customized Social Media Fan pages to boost your social media presence and keep populating content and graphics. This includes but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest.
We will also fully optimize your channels for maximum reach

YouTube Channel & SMO
We will create and complete your channel and start bringing subscribers to your channel. We will also fully optimize your channel for maximum reach.

On-page Organic SEO Optimization
Professional and highly technical services to maximize relevancy for local SEO and organic search results. Specific focus on content and programming “tags” to improve visibility. Organic SEO is different from Google’s PPC which could be very costly for your selective market and keywords.

Keyword Research
Investigation and analysis of multiple keyword phrases. We will exhaustively examine several hundred phrases to determine your target keywords which will create the most inbound demand.