Optimal HR (paid system – Might work independently ) It is one of the contents of Optimal System and works with in an integrated manner and can work separately, which is the perfect way for all facilities that contain more than one employee and you need a system to help them manage your staff in scientific and comprehensive way.
Optimal HR is the optimal way for all institutions, companies, factories, shops or any sector which contains many employees and needs to adjust the attendance of the staff, in addition to absences and leaves. Moreover, the software gives the needed statements that enable the company to follow up with the working hours of the staff.
Optimal HR includes specialized system to address payrolls and all financial procedures related to the staff accounts. In addition to monitoring their financial statements and their tax assessment according to labor laws.
Optimal HR is flexible with all laws, working methods, and adjustments according to specialized assessment method.
Optimal HR can be connected with either local or international Working hours timer by connecting it through the local network or the internet, with the possibility of controlling the characteristics of Working hours timer by the software.
Optimal HR was designed to control, connect and monitor with more than one Working hours timer.


June 17, 2019